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Product Description:

Revolutionary Style in a Custom Built Ultra-Light Aluminum Chair!

Product Description

Revolutionary Style in a Custom Built Ultra-Light Aluminum Chair!

Custom Built.
Each Aero Z begins life in our Designs Unlimited Studio, where we draw the frame to each user’s individual specifications.  Next, TiLite fabricators and welders bring the drawings to life by hand building the Aero Z’s 1.25” mono-tube aluminum frame to exacting standards.  Finally, before each Aero Z leaves the TiLite factory in Washington State, we carefully assemble and inspect it to ensure that it matches precisely what our customer has ordered.  Each Aero Z is like no other Aero Z.

Adjustable Bullet Caster Housing 
TiLite’s exclusive Bullet Caster Housing was created by designing an integral frame component with two goals in mind; low weight and elegant looks.  Plus, the adjustable version of the Bullet Caster Housing found on the Aero Z provides 15 degrees of forward and rearward adjustment.  This allows you to square the casters even with the most aggressive seat slopes.  Like many of TiLite’s innovations, the Bullet Caster design reduces the weight of the chair.  Sometimes simple really is better.

The TiLite Aero Z is fully adjustable, making it ideal for new users or those with changing needs.  TiLite’s Tru-Fit system makes changing the center of gravity a snap.  By clamping onto the frame instead of bolting through it, the Tru-Fit system also dramatically improves the chair’s durability by reducing the number of holes in the frame.  The Tru-Fit System’s innovative axle plate design makes transporting the chair easier because the axle plate never extends below the camber tube.


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